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Edify World School Goa – Completing the design exercise

School October 25, 2017 Prashant Vales

The new campus building design for Edify World School Goa is coming along quite well, I must say. Looking back, this is exactly how I envisioned it at the start of the design exercise. We’ve spent nearly two years at the drawing board with the design undergoing countless iteration; much of it based on our research findings.

As you can imagine, the students’ parents as well as our teaching staff were terribly anxious to have the whole thing over and done with. But now that the design is complete, it is clear that their patience has borne rich fruit.

The way I see it, a school building is more than just a brick-and-mortar structure. It is a place to influence the future and to create memories.  An educational campus must offer its students a healthy and safe environment.

Indeed we are indebted to Mr. Abin Chaudhuri and his team at Abin Studio Calcutta for their terrific design. Now to get started with bringing this design to life. The next chapter begins!

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Education 4.0 – Preparing for a brave new world

School February 14, 2018 Prashant Vales

The Industrial Revolution we are witnessing right now – the 4th on record – is one that engenders as much thrill as it does fear. Change has a way of doing that, but in this case the speed at which Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Automation, Blockchain, Supercomputing and other mind-blowing inventions are overtaking our lives is beyond believable.


The burning question that bears asking right now is how the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will transform jobs of the future and how our educational system can help ensure that human skills do not turn redundant in the new economy.


In India, we have a multi-billion-dollar computing industry. Some estimates suggest that nearly 40% of jobs are at risk from automation. This figure may be debatable, but there’s no denying the fact that our educational system today needs to step up, and step up quick,to the fast evolving needs of Industry 4.0 if humans are to peacefully co-exist with machines.


The role of our policy makers and stakeholders in guarding our jobs and the future of the economy cannot be underestimated.As encouraging as it may be to see various state government’s enthusiasm in promoting industrial investment for Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, it would be just as heartening to see them committed to investing as much if not more in education, training and R&D.


The effort we put into creating a new, relevant and robust educational system today will make all the difference to where we find ourselves tomorrow, in relation to machines.

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Blockchain technology needed here. Urgently.

Uncategorized March 27, 2018 Prashant Vales

Blockchain technology: it’s the sexiest term on the internet today and not without reason. As companies around the world investigate its life-altering possibilities the one place that could really use this technology is our Indian government. Think about how this will not only create an honest and efficient system of accountability but also save time and assist in proper planning. Especially at a time like now, when India is claiming a seat alongside the other big economies of the world.

Although I dream of a corruption-free India, I’m enough of a realist to accept that this kind of utopia is a long way in the making. In the meantime, I foresee blockchain technology bringing some relief by making Babus more accountable and less able to subject us to B***S*** in the name of “file clearing”. Regardless of the type of asset or transaction involved with government agencies, the red-tape, obscurity of information, and time spent on simply shuffling files from one department to another is in a league of its own.

Dealing with this kind of corruption is a frustrating experience for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Implementation of blockchain technology in government agencies will help India take giant steps towards its promise of creating an environment of ‘Ease of Doing business in India’.

A highly developed economy is not judged by the number of its billionaires but by the quality of its living standards, that is accessible to the common man. In that sense, India has a long way to go; the lack of good social infrastructure in our country has taken a high toll on overall health and quality of life.

To hear the government’s vision for the Private sector and its goal of attracting FDI and large scale investments is to believe we are on the cusp of a revitalized and roaring economy. Anyone waiting for this to happen is sure to be disappointed. Our age-old bureaucratic style of functioning remains the same, doing its best to discourage inflow of investments into India.

Blockchain can change all of this. Its benefits of speed, efficiency, and security are readily applicable to public sector organizations, and its potential explains why governments of the UAE, Estonia, United States,UK and many other European countries are piloting a blockchain-based system in various public Administrative Services.

Blockchain has the potential to create value for our entire government machinery and bring in transparency, efficiency and speed. It could be the fastest way to draw out corruption from government agencies. Implementing this at the earliest may be the answer to reviving our sluggish economy.

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