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Edify World School Goa – Completing the design exercise

School October 25, 2017 Prashant Vales

The new campus building design for Edify World School Goa is coming along quite well, I must say. Looking back, this is exactly how I envisioned it at the start of the design exercise. We’ve spent nearly two years at the drawing board with the design undergoing countless iteration; much of it based on our research findings.

As you can imagine, the students’ parents as well as our teaching staff were terribly anxious to have the whole thing over and done with. But now that the design is complete, it is clear that their patience has borne rich fruit.

The way I see it, a school building is more than just a brick-and-mortar structure. It is a place to influence the future and to create memories.  An educational campus must offer its students a healthy and safe environment.

Indeed we are indebted to Mr. Abin Chaudhuri and his team at Abin Studio Calcutta for their terrific design. Now to get started with bringing this design to life. The next chapter begins!

Prashant Vales

Angel Investor & Eco-warrior